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Western Mass Wellness Center
567 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills, MA 01030
(860) 967-9536

Professional Massage for Wellness

What to Expect
The day of your first session, please plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early so that you will have adequate time to fill out an intake form covering your current health, and massage therapy goals.  Your therapist will take time to review this form with you, discuss your needs, and create a plan for your care.  At future sessions you should plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled session time.

New guests will need to provide a valid photo ID or drivers license that will be photocopied and kept on file, much as you would at a doctor's office or other wellness facility.

The Nature of Booking
Please understand that the time your session is scheduled for is the time that the hands-on portion of your visit is set to begin. Out of respect for the session times of other guests to our center, those who arrive exactly on or after the time hands-on should begin will only receive the amount of time remaining in their session slot.  For example, if a session is booked for 3PM and the guest arrives exactly at 3PM, the therapist will greet the guest, guide the guest through the intake process, leave the room to allow the guest to get on table comfortably, and return to complete the hands-on portion of the session which will end at 4PM. The guest will still be responsible for paying for a full hour of time.  

Sessions that begin later than scheduled cannot be extended, as your therapist needs time to clean and reset the room after your appointment before the next guest of our center arrives.

Getting Ready
Following the intake process, your therapist will instruct you to undress to your own level of comfort and to lay on the massage table under both a sheet and a blanket.  Your therapist will leave the room at this time, wash their hands, and return once you are comfortably on the table under the sheet and blanket.  Your therapist will only uncover the area that is being worked on at a given time (i.e. the arm, the leg, the back), and will re-cover the area when they move on.  Both table heat and air conditioning can be adjusted to ensure your comfort during the session.

During Your Session
Your therapist will work according to your care plan for your session, and will check in with you regarding the pressure.  Your comfort during the session is important to us -- Please let your therapist know at any time if anything (table heat, pressure, face cradle height) needs to be adjusted.  Our office uses unscented Coconut Oil for most massage therapy sessions.  Our essential oil massage oils have a Sunflower Oil base.  We also have plain Sunflower Oil for guests who cannot use Coconut Oil.

Our office has a zero tolerance policy with regard to inappropriate (rude, vulgar, aggressive or sexual) remarks or behavior. Violations of this policy will result in immediate forfeit of the massage session, without refund, and violators will not be allowed to book sessions in the future.

Following Your Session
Your therapist will meet you with a bottle of water.  In a healthy individual, proper hydration aids the body and its systems to function at their best.  Your therapist will have suggestions for future massage work, and for self-care between sessions.  After your visit, to prevent muscle strain or injury, we suggest that guests try to refrain from strenuous work for the rest of the day. 

What People Are Saying:

"I always leave feeling brand new!"  -Becky, January 2018

"Went in feeling very tense and achy, left feeling like a million bucks."  -Ricky, November 2017

"Always a wonderful massage."  -Marlayna, September, 2017

"I went in all knotted up and left feeling like I was floating. I'll book with here again for sure."  -Ann, July 2017

"Very calm, clean and relaxing atmosphere!" -Anonymous, June 2017

"Very relaxing atmosphere, friendly and welcoming staff, and easy appointment scheduling online. I will definitely be a repeat customer!"  -Nicole C., June 2017

"Very friendly and talented!!"  -Xristina W., February 2017

"The perfect amount of pressure was applied throughout my whole massage."  -Cassie C., February 2017

"Attentive to my needs and I felt wonderful and refreshed afterward. I will be returning."  -Becky T., January 2017

"Extremely professional and attentive. The best massage I have ever had."  -Fred S., November 2016

"I enjoyed all of it, I would not have changed a thing."  -Colby T., November 2016

"Very professional and knowledgeable about holistic therapies."  -Danielle M., October 2016

 "I like the fact that my massage was relaxing.quiet. and focused on my concerns without hurting me."  -Joely B., January 2016

"One of the most relaxing massages ever!"  - Cindy D., July 2015

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